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ANO «Directorate on preparation and staging of the 2018 World Cup in the Host City of Saransk»


Phone: 8 (8342) 77-78-40



Director General

Pleshachkov Alexey


Business area

- Develops and organizes the implementation of plans for preparation, organization and holding the World Cup and related programs and events;

- Develops and implements a marketing plan for the games;

- Manages projects to monitor the implementation of the action plan and provide information for decision-making;

- Coordinates the design and construction (reconstruction) of the facilities required for the World Cup;

- Forms a positive image and tourist attraction of the region in the field associated with the World Cup;

- Forms reports on the progress of the preparations for the World Cup in order to present it to the Founder;

- Creates and implements information management systems on preparation and staging of the World Cup;

- Controls compliance with FIFA requirements for transport, security, medical services, and also assists the organizing Committee "Russia-2018" with the implementation of powers envisaged by the Federal legislation, including monitoring the progress of construction of sports facilities and infrastructure;

- Assists the Organizing Committee "Russia-2018" to protect FIFA exclusive rights on objects of intellectual property;

- contributes to the financing of events aimed at preparation and staging of the World Cup, including conduction of educational, cultural and promotional activities directly related to the World Cup;

- Prepares a report on the results of the World Cup;

- Provides media coverage of the World Cup;

- Carries out fundraising and investors for the realization of the goals and subject of activities determined by present Regulations;

- Holds exhibitions, lectures, forums, seminars, conferences, meetings, round tables, symposiums and other similar events;

- In accordance with the procedure established by law, the functions of a single regional operator for the placement and operational management of temporary collective accommodation facilities, including the functions of equipping a numbered and other fund used to host targeted client groups (FIFA representatives, FIFA guests, sponsors, broadcasters, media representatives and Fans, service personnel, out-of-town volunteers, security officers, bus drivers, temporary airport employees, technical staff) during preparation and carrying out in Saransk of the World Cup.