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Unauthorised Ticket Sales

1)    Sales Outlets

All Tickets for the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ will be exclusively available for the purchase by the members of the general public on and, during the Last Minute Sales Phase, in the FIFA Venue Ticketing Centres in Russia.

On, customers will also find a link to the webpage of the official hospitality rights holder appointed by FIFA for the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ where customers may purchase Ticket-inclusive official hospitality packages.

Any Tickets obtained from any other source (for example, unauthorised intermediaries such as ticket brokers, internet auctions, internet ticket agents, internet or other unofficial ticket exchange platforms) will be automatically cancelled once identified and do not entitle the Ticket Holder to access the Stadium or any refund or further compensation.

2)    Transfer and Resale of Tickets

Ticket Holders may not sell, offer for sale, resell, offer at auctions, donate, act as a commercial agent for another party or otherwise transfer a Ticket in any way without the specific prior written consent of FIFA.

Ticket transfer requests will be considered in accordance with the Ticket Transfer and Resale Policy which will be made available by FIFA on at a later stage.

Tickets may only be transferred or resold via the official Ticket Transfer and Resale Platform.

The purposes for the rule limiting Ticket transfers and resales include

a)    event security,

b)    consumer protection,

c)     avoidance of counterfeit tickets, and

d)    protection of a fair pricing scheme.

According to Russian Laws, it is an administrative offense to transfer or resell without FIFA’s consent (article 14.15 of the Code of Administrative Offences).

3)    Use Tickets for Commercial Purposes

Tickets may not be used for any commercial purposes, such as for promotions or advertising activities or used as a price or reward in a competition, sweepstake or incentive programme. Further details will be set forth in the General Terms and Conditions for the Use of Tickets.

4)    Consequences of Unauthorised Transfer, Resale of further Use of Tickets

The unauthorised transfer, resale or further use of Tickets is a violation of the General Terms and Conditions for the Use of Tickets. In such case, Tickets will be automatically cancelled by FIFA. As a consequence FIFA may:

a)    refuse to deliver the Ticket;

b)    refuse entry into the Stadium;

c)     eject the Ticket Holder from the Stadium;

d)    seize the Ticket;

e)    electronically invalidate the Ticket, and any other Tickets purchased by the Ticket Applicants;

f)     file suit to enforce the relevant terms, laws and regulations and claim damages, if appropriate; and/or

g)    notify governmental authorities of any such violation.

In such case the Ticket Holders are not entitled to any refund or further compensation.